We are a young growing company whose employees and owner have accrued many years of experience in the welding trade including welding nuclear piping and structural components, submarines, aircraft carriers, destroyers, barges, electrostatic precipitators, vent ducting, sheet metal, fences, gates, decks, trailers, shipping containers, etc. If you have a welding job, we'll likely know what it takes to get it done.

Being acquainted with passing the most stringent tests in the industry allow us to guarantee our work to first time quality standards with no added costs to you. Radiography tests, ultrasonic tests, dye penetrant tests, magnetic particle tests, visual tests, hydro tests, bend tests, macro tests, hardness tests, if there is a weld test that we haven't been comfortable passing then we haven't seen it yet.

Able to work with many different types of materials including carbon steel and low-alloy steels, cast iron, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper and copper alloys, inconel and other nickel alloys. If you have a material to weld, we are likely familiar with it.

Working across the nation, welding, instructing, supervising, pioneering new techniques for complex weld joints. Working with weld engineers to build new welding processes, analyzing job data to reduce costs. Mirror welding, off hand welding, on-site welding, in shop welding; if it needs done, we are confident that the end product will fully satisfy you.


Phone: (253) 777-5746

Email: rosariosoundwelding@gmail.com


Our rates are on a quote by quote basis. Call or email us about job specifics and we'll be happy to assist you.


This is a great family owned company. Incredible integrity and great quality. I would highly recommend them. If there is a delay because they are busy, trust me, wait for an opening. They are that good!
— Kenneth Lund
In two words; Integrity and Skill. These lead to the most important aspect which is my peace of mind as a customer. Dwayne initially helped me with a delicate auto-body issue on a classic restoration project that required highly-specialized welding skill. Since then, he’s solved other issues on this restoration project with the same skill and integrity that have become so rare. What’s more he’s gained my confidence as a repeat customer which allows me to focus on other important issues knowing that what help I need from him will be provided quickly, fairly, and give me that ever important peace of mind.
— Greg Herzeberg