Rosario’s Sound Welding

Mission Statement


Rosario’s Sound Welding is a family owned welding company which seeks to provide the highest standard of welding to the welding industry both commercially and residentially. Our owner, Dwayne Rosario, started business with the goal of providing professional welding services locally and domestically. We take pride in what we do to an entirely new level and make it our utmost concern to provide our customers with an outstanding product and peace of mind, knowing that things have been done correctly.

Dwayne started his career in welding at PSNS and after retiring pursued weld instructing as well as working for contractors in several different locations. When he started his own business he realized this was something he truly loved doing; being able to work with and train three of his sons was also an added benefit.

When the company started in 2015 the idea was that it would provide a few side jobs. Yet despite not marketing the company, word spread of our exceptional work and we have been getting busier and busier. The company has now expanded to six employees and will expand as necessary to keep our customers happy.

We are first and foremost a welding company as our name dictates and though we have experience doing fit-up work and also have a fitter, our pride is in our welding. We often work along with fitters from different companies which provides a great environment.

Here at Rosario’s Sound Welding we love doing things better than they have been done before. No matter what difficulties may be presented in the field we absolutely want positive customer feedback each and every time. This coupled with our unique talents is the reason that each and every customer has been pleased with our services. Returning customers reward our efforts and push us to always be better.